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08 November 2010 @ 09:39 pm
I'm so useless!

Well as you might see, in my Feedback I now have feedback for being an agent for a SS from the UK.
If you'd like information on this, please message me, at the moment, I'm only doing to one person who I'm an agent for, but I might expand in the future ~

Ahh, and again, Taobao. Doing a rather large shop this time, halved with a new Lolita who wanted to get started on her wardrobe so I suggested she take a look at some of the stuff and we could go half on their Commission, Base shipping and Final Shipping.
I said I'd then let her know when it arrives and go into town to give it to her.
We spent too much money -- haha! But at least I got my friend's sister a skirt and bow like I'd promised.

So we've decided we're going to have a mini-meet in Ludlow sometime in December when the stuff has come and we can go dress up and have tea ~
I'm looking forward to it!

Finally put off putting-off paying for Milky Planet. Was going to wait until some more of my money came in, but I'd rather get it over and done with and just have it. 
I've finally got everything to go with it, apart from the socks, which sadly I have to get them from RTBU since Secret Shop don't have them on their store anymore -- what's with that!?

Oh well.
I will start updating more.

Also, my Pikachu Kigurumi should come tomorrow ~